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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why E-Mail Marketing?

Email marketing has made a huge buzz in the online industry these past few years. Email marketing has been the easiest strategy to undertake since the emergence of the internet. It became easy to communicate with people and reach your target market by utilizing this technology. That is why a growing number of companies have ventured into this marketing campaign for the hopes of better results for their business.


Email Direct Marketing (EDM) are email based campaigns which are sent to a targeted list of recipients in a form of advertisements, promotions, and discounts. The content is in the formatted text, HTML, or rich media. This is designed to engage the reader which then encourages them to proceed further action.


Newsletters are a fantastic asset to your business. They encourage returning clients onto your website. Not only does this make your website look intriguing, you also attract more clientele. A well-presented and formatted newsletter email, delivers relevant information to all of your customers, allowing the customer to feel important, which increases the success of your business.

Re-engagement E-mails

The re-engagement email campaign is designed for your targeted audience to continue to stay connected to your website. It is a campaign which retrieves existing customers who have stopped viewing your emails. SMARTIZ will make this campaign possible and beneficial to your business.

Welcome E-Mails

A well-structured welcome email is the building block to start a conversation with newly subscribed members. Don’t miss out on the best opportunity you have for building an extraordinary email marketing strategy. At SMARTIZ we create a personal, relevant and timely welcome email which attracts the customer, persuading them of taking the next step.

Data Capture Forms

At SMARTIZ, we do not overwhelm your customers by asking them to fill out an irrelevant form, as it may lead to a negative outcome. Our data capture forms are mobile, tablet, desktop-friendly that are designed in the simplest form and it’s easy to read and simple to navigate.

Landing Pages

In order to attract a high amount of visitors to your website, it is essential to have an incredible landing page. This will give you a higher chance of converting visitors to customers. Landing pages are critically important. They need to be punctual and precise in order to engage the targeted audience. SMARTIZ Solutions delivers the absolute best eye-catching landing pages.

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Our Email Marketing Process

We are among the best Email Marketing companies for a reason. We have no secret, we only know how to follow step by step Email Marketing Plan that achieves the desired result.

Here are the steps we take for our clients work:

  • Initial Consultaion

    Our expert manager will analyze overall business structure and model the best strategy that works for you.

  • Copy-writing and creative development

    We’ll design and produce right marketing message and images to get maximum conversions

  • List Management

    With managing your list we work out the best approach for each list and start the automation process

  • Campaign Setup

    We create campaigns to boost your list with an eye-catching landing page to bring in customers, connect your data for automation and emails that get results

  • A/B Testing

    We analyze the market and run different split testing to see what strategy works the best for you

  • Tracking

    After all, we setup analytics and reporting system to measure how great your campaigns are performing

  • Test Approval

    We will be in touch with you to approve the split test option to go advance

  • Deployment

    We set up the best time to send out your email and start tracking results

  • Reporting

    We give it a week before we take any action, check the analytics and report and make the recommendation on how to go forward

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