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Website Design

Website Design

We are passionate bunch of Website developers

To build, design and develop a unique and eye-catching website is our passion.

Our Commitment


Mobile Friendly


Our Responsive web design is the way of approaching your virtual shop, Smartiz delivers a good, responsive and perfectly designed website to your brand where people can find and learn more about your products and services. Our built website responds to UI and UX based on platform, screen size, and orientation. We use content and image intelligently to your customer needs.


Website Speed


Everyone likes fast website. One of the ranking factors in Google is Site Speed. It is our job to deliver the fastest desktop and mobile friendly experience you should have. Our dedicated hosting company advance us to be fast and load in a second and bring the content up right away. A fast website is a good user experience and satisfying customer which leads to higher conversion.




The structure and labels of your website navigation can play a huge role in results. Your clients want an easy to find and navigate through to your website search. It helps the traffic of your website and also it has a high conversion rate. We understand how important is a user-friendly website to search and navigate through it so our dedicated team makes you one to your niche industry.


High Quality


The perception people have of a business is often strongly reflected by the company’s website. At Smartiz, we develop effective websites to both impress and clearly communicate with clients that lead them to purchase from you. There are many factors we put into consideration to develop and design your virtual business to rank higher and people can remember your brand easily.

Our Website Development and Design Process

  • Smartiz website design and developmemnt



    Information gathering

    Set goals for the website

    Define website target Audience

  • website planing Smartiz


    Create a mockup

    Create sitemap sketch

    Set domain name and hosting

    Select technology stack (programming, MS)

  • Smartiz website design


    Review the layout

    Create a colorful page layout

    Get client feedback on the layouts

    Change the layout when required

  • Smartiz Website development


    Create content

    SEO for the website

    Built and deploy the website

    Add special feature and interactivity

  • Smartiz website development review


    Quality assurance check

    Check website SEO friendliness

    Get client feedback on content and layouts

  • Smartiz website development testing


    Test the created website

    Check the responsiveness

    Backup and archive

  • Smartiz website launch


    Upload the website to the server

    Check availability of the website

    Final test

  • Smartiz website development maintianing


    Update the website

    Add user report system

    Fix bugs asap if there is any

High-Quality, High-Performance Website Design

Smartiz builds the websites based on User-Friendly, Modern, Mobile Friendly, SEO Ready, Searchability and unique just for you.
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Our Customers Feedback

Hi, guys! You’ve solved my problem in no time! Your efficient services and customer care are second to none! I am very happy! I will surely share my experience with my friends!

– Rob Smith, Client


We make websites built for performance